100 anniversary of WW1 Armistice project

...'I was overwhelmed by the concert and so very proud.  The children did our school proud.'Read more

Fever Sensory Room Tour 2018

"...music is a powerful interactive tool that can unite us and encourage self-expression"Read more

‘Shine’ with LSMS

"...we loved it so much, every minute of it.”Read more

AlgoRhythms Inspiration Day

Today was the inspiration day for the AlgoRhythms project – it was the first time we met the participating groups, and brought them together to feel part of a larger team.Read more

AlgoRhythms Preview

AlgoRhythms is our partnership project with Rolls-Royce for spring 2019. Education Manager, Marianne, will be keeping a diary of the project as we go!Read more

Fever Hospital & Hospice Visits

"there have been some truly beautiful moments and connections made but I'd like to tell one particular anecdote..."Read more