Thank you BBC Children in Need, for continuing to support our work over the next three years, to improve the lives of young people and children in hospitals and hospices, as well as those who have long-term illnesses, special educational needs and disabilities. We are so utterly delighted!

We have been collaborating with BBC Children In Need for nine years and this is just another step forward in a beautiful journey of helping young people overcome heart breaking circumstances and difficulties. The road has been an emotional one, but made entirely worthwhile by the amazing transformations we have seen in the young people we have worked with. It is still amazing for me to see how much our work helps young people concentrate for longer, communicate more effectively and gain a huge sense of achievement and confidence through creating and performing music.

Our work lets us see first-hand what live music can do for those who are living everyday with the kind of challenges we can only imagine and that no child should ever have to face.

Music can be miraculous and can bring about miraculous change. We have seen first-hand the health and stress relief benefits for children in hospital and hospices and we have been able to experience the impact that sensory music play has had with SEN groups. The power of music is truly remarkable and the impact that it leaves on these children is lasting and deeply resonant. 

Our work isn’t simply about lending a helping hand to those who need it. It is about unlock self-expression and allowing potential to blossom in these young people who can be subconsciously marginalised due to circumstances beyond their control.  We aim to enable children to achieve far beyond their expectations and the expectations that others so often have for them.

We can’t wait to get started on this next phase of the journey. We love what we do and love the fact that we are able to make a valuable difference.

By the way – we made a video of our latest project and so please take a look. We also love to share and so feel free to share this post if you feel the same as we do.

We would also love your support to help us continue doing the work we do. So please feel free to make a donation and help us continue to make a difference in these children’s lives.