Deep Roots Tall Trees & Sinfonia Viva

After the success of Doorstep Delight, created collaboratively online through the pandemic, Sinfonia Viva have been invited to re-join the Deep Roots Tall Trees choir in a series of creative workshops, in Corby, Northamptonshire.  

Reflecting on the first workshop together in-person, DRTT’s Artistic Director Neil Paris commented:

“There was a lovely energy in the room and it was so pleasing to see so many of the choir getting involved and contributing ideas. And, so exciting to actually have the musicians and instruments in the room at last!” - Neil Paris


Led by Saxophonist and Workshop Leader Chris Williams, our creative process started with what was important to the choir at this moment in time. In groups, we explored the themes of renewal, of community spirit and our individual journeys. We explored our feelings of returning to a “new normal”, navigating the end of lockdown restrictions and of the difficulty finding moments of joy in the wider context of humanitarian crises.

We explored the feeling and tone of the song through lyrics and melodies, with the choir unanimously agreeing that they were looking for something upbeat in spirit, with someone reflecting:

“We need positivity; we’ve had enough of the darkness!” - Choir Member

This song is shaping up to be an inspiring, uplifting song with unexpected moments and bright, fun melodies which will be impossible to not smile and join in with!

Recording of the song will take place in May, accompanied by an ensemble of Sinfonia Viva musicians. We hope to capture this moment in time; the optimism of the spring and summer seasons, and the rejuvenating community spirit of Corby’s treasured Deep Roots Tall Trees choir. Watch this space! 


Hattie Coupe – Creative Projects Producer