We're looking forward to taking our award-winning 'Flutter & Fly' show to Whitby Pavilion in a few weeks, and for one of the band, it'll be a bit of a homecoming! Matt Dunn, our clarinettist for the show, was born and brought up in Whitby, and he's excited to bringing the whole family to our show!

“I started my musical career in Whitby with the help of so many local teachers and supporters", says Matt, "but I have not played there since 2010 so I am really looking forward to returning with Sinfonia Viva for ‘Flutter & Fly’. The concert is great fun with a mixture of well-known tunes and original pieces composed by Jack Ross and it is always very well received by young children and their families.

“My children who are aged three and one love listening to the CD and are coming to the concert and we will then spend the weekend with my parents. “I am lucky to have a busy work schedule but it is always special to work with Sinfonia Viva which offers such a variety from concerts in large venues to relaxed children’s concerts and even with small groups and individuals on hospital wards and special educational needs schools.”

‘Flutter & Fly’ is on Friday February 28 starts at 1.15pm.  Tickets cost £7 and £1 for children aged under one and are available at Whitby Pavilion, West Cliff, Whitby, North Yorkshire, YO21 3EN | Tel: 01947 458899  | www.whitbypavilion.co.uk | www.sivtickets.com