The choir

After lockdown was announced in early 2020 the choir moved from having face to face sessions once per month, to having online sessions that took place every week. This was to ensure that the support network not only remained consistent, but that it actually increased at a time when the members really needed it. This led to the creative flourish that went into making this song. 


"It came into my life at just the right time. Sadly we found out that our daughter had Inflammatory Bowel Disease (amongst other conditions), a life long chronic autoimmune condition with no cure. Sing Viva has been a constant when our life has been far from it. It is a place I feel comfortable and relaxed. It's somewhere I feel safe and nurtured"     Sing Viva Carers Choir member


The song

United in Song was written and recorded during the summer of 2020, right in the middle of lockdown due to COVID-19. It is a triumphant song of hope that was produced to counteract some of the struggles and mental health issues that can come as a result of being a fulltime carer and being socially distanced. The film was featured on BBC Radio Derby and BBC East Midlands Today, as well as being heavily celebrated in publications and media outlets across Derbyshire.  


"It's been a really tough week, with fear of bringing the virus back into the house, tonight's really cheered me up and taken my mind off everything. Thank you. Everything you do is so appreciated"    Sing Viva Carers Choir member


Moving into 2022

Following the release of the film, the choir continues to meet weekly, looking at ways of continually challenging the group, whilst also ensuring it is a safe and supportive space for them to develop artistically and enjoy themselves socially. Public performances and special events are due to take place in the future and the group are really excited to meet in person again after over a year of being a purely digital group.   


Music written by

Sing Viva Choir & James Redwood

BSL translation by 

Affinity Signing Choir

Film by

Will Roberts