2022 is our 40th Anniversary year and to help us celebrate we have been delighted to commission Preetha Narayanan to compose exciting new work for us to perform in our anniversary year and beyond.

This commission is supported by PRS Foundation's The Open Fund and is a work that will capture the versatile range of music, performances and connections we have been making with communities from across the UK for 40 years. The work will be an orchestral piece and will be performed throughout the year and beyond, combining Preetha Narayanan's unique and eclectic approach to crafting sound, with the musical skill and inclusive approach of the orchestra.  

Preetha Narayanan with Sinfonia Viva at our 40th Anniversary Concert in Derby Cathedral in May 2022 

Choral Commission 

Preetha Narayanan has worked with Sing Viva, our wonderful choir of people from Derbyshire and North Nottinghamshire, who have sung through the pandemic with weekly online singing sessions. As restrictions eased, the choir have performed weekly both in-person and online. Together in hybrid sessions (which take place in-person and online at the same time), they have worked with Preetha on a beautiful choral piece based around the act of singing, of breath and community, which was premiered at our very special 40th Anniversary concert in Derby Cathedral in May of this year.

Click here for a link to 'Becoming One' programme note

Sing Viva performing the debut of Preetha Narayanan's piece 'Becoming One' at Derby Cathedral

Orchestral Commission

Preetha will now create an orchestral work which encapsulates some of the musical styles and influences of the communities with which we regularly work. The new piece will be premiered at The Darley Park Concert in Derby on 28th August 2022. We also look forward to performing the piece again at our New Year's Eve Gala Concert at the Royal Concert Hall in Nottingham to round off our year of celebrations. 

Sinfonia Viva performing at 40th Anniversary Concert at Derby Cathedral 2022

This commission is supported by PRS Foundation’s The Open Fund

Images: AliJPhotos