Programme Note

Written by Preetha Narayanan

About the piece:

Encounters, communicating, connecting. INNER SELF. separating, joining. SILENCE. turbulence, nature and environment. TRANSFORMATION.  

Written in collaboration with Sing Viva, 'Becoming One' takes breath in all its meanings as the starting point for both the lyrics and the music. Loosely drawing on the Indian raga Charukeshi, the piece is a ultimately a reflection and celebration of the relationship between individual and the collective.


Artist Biography

Originally from Memphis,TN, Preetha Narayanan is a violinist, composer, and educator with a unique musical story that crosses countries, cultures, and genres. Merging Western and Indian Classical training with a wide range of influences from her collaborations and research, she is sought after for her unique and distinctive sound. Preetha has performed internationally with notable artists including Anoushka Shankar, Talvin Singh, Nitin Sawhney, Kae Tempest, and Jocelyn Pook, amongst others. She is also co-founder of two exciting and genre-defying ensembles, Quest Ensemble and Balladeste.