This is Sinfonia Viva. We make a difference through music.

We are a not-for-profit organisation, orchestra and music education charity. We want to unite and inspire people through our performances.

Our aims are simple.

As an arts organisation we play music to as many different people as possible. Taking our music to traditional places  like concert halls and to places you might not expect to hear it.   

As a music education charity we allow people the opportunity to express themselves and communicate what matters to them on stage. We work with young people, the elderly, those with special educational needs, learning difficulties and disabilities, as well as carers, to write music and share it with audiences in both large-scale and small-scale performances. We shine a light on talent by writing music with communities across the country and performing alongside them onstage.    

Our Grammy-nominated and RPS Award winning orchestra has worked all over the country to create meaningful musical experiences that people remember. We will continue to do this and can't wait to take you with us on this amazing journey.