This is Sinfonia Viva 

We are a not-for-profit organisation, orchestra and music education charity. We want to unite and inspire people through our performances.

Our aims as an arts organisation are to play orchestral music to as many different people as possible. Taking our music to concert halls and places you might not expect to hear it. 

As a music education charity we allow people the opportunity to express themselves and communicate themselves and what matters to them on stage. We work with young people, the elderly, those with special educational needs, learning difficulties and disabilities, as well as carers, to write music and share it with an audience in largescale performances. These performances offer the power of positive expression, introspection, confidence and pride.    

Started in 1982 the orchestra has worked all over the country to create meaningful musical experiences that people will remember. We will continue to do this and hope you will join us on this amazing journey.