This Big Give campaign has now closed. However you can still support our work by making a donation directly to Sinfonia Viva.

As music enthusiasts, we all know the profound effect music can have on our lives. It goes beyond mere enjoyment – music has the power to bring joy, excitement, and inspiration. It can build connections and community. It can evoke emotions and conjure memories. For those living with dementia, this power is even more transformative.

Individuals living with dementia often encounter challenges in connecting with their communities, which can lead to loneliness and a reduction in well-being. Music, however, can break through these barriers, fostering communication, reducing isolation, and enhancing overall wellbeing. Participating in music-making sessions alongside loved ones can be a beautiful way for families to reconnect and witness their cherished loved ones expressing themselves freely.

This spring, from Tuesday 19 to Tuesday 26 March, we’re thrilled to be part of the Big Give – Arts for Impact campaign. Every donation you make during this period will be DOUBLED, up to a maximum of £5,000, thanks to matched funding.

Sinfonia Viva is a leader in creative music-making with older people and those living with Dementia.  Our musical activities, such as ‘Jewels in the Crown’ in Essex, have enabled older people to collaborate creatively with one other alongside a professional orchestra. Our improvised music-making celebrates in-the-moment creativity, leading to the creation of new songs, pieces of music, and performances by participants. Our approach not only gives opportunities for creative expression but also helps support existing relationships and foster new friendships. We have delivered sessions throughout the UK and are excited to bring our sessions to the East Midlands

With your support, Sinfonia Viva aims to provide more people living with dementia in the East Midlands with access to creative music-making sessions. These sessions not only build confidence and encourage self-expression but also bring immense joy to participants and their families. Expert professional musicians lead the sessions, using music as the primary communication tool, ensuring all participants can contribute equally. This approach fosters a sense of achievement, supports non-verbal communication, reduces loneliness, and enhances mental wellbeing.

“This has been a joyful and truly inspiring project to be involved with.” - Colleen Mortensen, Basildon Dementia Action Alliance

Your impact can be substantial. We aim to double the number of people living with dementia who can access our activities in the coming year. This includes expanding the range of creative music-making projects and introducing a series of Dementia Friendly Concerts in accessible venues, enabling individuals with dementia to attend with their carers and family members.

“You have no idea just how much this has meant to us. I absolutely love your music, especially the music at the start and the end of the sessions. I could die happy having heard that.” - Project Participant

Your contribution will:

  • Alleviate loneliness and isolation, promoting mental wellbeing through group music-making and performance
  • Enhance access to inclusive and co-designed music-making activities for older individuals living with dementia and their carers
  • Support self-expression and non-verbal communication through high-quality creative music-making, valuing all contributions equally
  • Enable shared positive experiences, bringing joy to individuals living with dementia and their carers
  • Celebrate the creativity and achievements of participants through performances and films

Join us in making a difference in your community through the gift of music. Donate between 19-26 March via and help us create a meaningful impact.

Your generosity can bring the transformative power of music to those who need it most.

This Big Give campaign has now closed. However you can still support our work by making a donation directly to Sinfonia Viva.