We need you to help us raise our target of £3600 by New Year's day 2021.

To help us do this, a generous match funder has agreed to kindly support this campaign. Because of this fantastic match fund we can match the first £1,800 that we raise.

This means that every £1 you give could be worth £2.25 with gift aid. So £10 becomes £25

The carers choir has been so important in the last few months. During the current pandemic and restrictions we have not only ensured the choir keeps meeting and singing online, we have also increased the regularity of the sessions to every two weeks.  

The reason for this is simple. The effects of Covid-19 have hit so many people, with carers being effected especially deeply. Our Carers Choirs has gone virtual during this time to ensure that our members can sing at home. Singing together for two hours per week provides creative respite, needed social interaction and huge benefits to health and mental wellbeing. A donation of £10 will allow a carer to sing to 2 hours a week.

"It's been a really tough week, with fear of bringing the virus back into the house, tonight's really cheered me up and taken my mind off everything. Thank you. Everything you do is so appreciated"      Sing Viva Carers Choir member


The choir is completely free to join and is always open to new members. Many of the people involved are sandwich carers, caring for a loved one whilst also working - being sandwiched between their responsibilities. 

As a member of the Carers Choir has said  

"My husband and I joined the carers choir at a time in our lives when we were caring for both my disabled elderly mother and Andy's brother, who came to live with us while he was being treated for an aggressive form of cancer.

Our Tuesday nights once a month gave us something for ourselves. A much needed distance from our responsibilities. I released so many 'feel good' hormones and surrounded us with happy people and happy music. A fabulous tonic. 

During lockdown there has been such variety in the weekly choir sessions - we've appreciated the musical challenges and really value the distraction from family worries and COVID anxieties.

We also love the interest we share is something we can do together." 


"It came into my life at just the right time. Sadly we found out that our daughter had Inflammatory Bowel Disease (amongst other conditions), a life long chronic autoimmune condition with no cure. Sing Viva has been a constant when our life has been far from it. It is a place I feel comfortable and relaxed. It's somewhere I feel safe and nurtured"      Sing Viva Carers Choir member 

So please, help us and care for a carer during Covid-19. 

Your support will make all the difference by donating invaluable time out to carers who desperately need this support at this time.