Small actions can make a BIG difference!

Here is an A-Z of small fundraising ideas that are great fun and could help you raise money to make a difference to our work


Arcade night 

Get together with friends and each bring along a classic arcade game and a donation.


Nature walk

Get back to nature and have a ramble, go bird spotting or do a bare foot walk. Let your imagination run wild and come up with fun ideas to raise funds whilst making the most of the great outdoors.


Bike ride

Enjoy cycling together with friends and have a family and friends ride out or get sponsored by the mile.


Office Olympics

Have fun with an obstacle course and get sponsored too.


Car boot sale

We all love a bit of a bargain and the chance to de-clutter. Get rid of unwanted items and donate the proceeds – win, win!


Plant sale

Always got lots of spare cuttings or plants you don’t need? Why not sell them to others and donate the money.


Dinner party

Meet up with a group of friends and have dinner, ask for a donation or ask them to pay what they think the meal is worth and give the donations to help others. Or maybe you would prefer to do a safari dinner party where you go to a different house/cook for each course or a themed fancy dress dinner?



Everyone loves a good quiz right? Offer people a chance to show off their general knowledge with a school, work or quiz night.


Easter egg hunt or raffle

At school, cubs, brownies and other clubs organise a hunt or raffle with any profits donated.


Rock climbing or Roller skating?

How about setting a challenge for yourself or with your friends to see how high you can climb or far you can skate? You get sponsored for distance or height or have a fun competition between you and your friends where you all donate an amount to take part.


Fun run

Take part, get fit, have fun and make a difference. Get sponsored and watch the miles and sponsorship stack up.


Scrabble contest

Challenge your friends to a Scrabble competition. Each competitor pays to play.


Games Night

What is not to love? Bring a game and a pound and donate the money to help other people.


Teddy bears’ picnic

If you go down to the woods today why not organise a teddy bears’ picnic and invite friends and family to attend in return for a donation.


Head shave

Give yourself a new carefree hair style and save on shampoo! Get sponsored to show your scalp!



Have you got a project or piece of furniture that with a bit of imagination could be transformed? Why not have a go and sell your upcycled creation on an auction or selling site and donate the profits to help someone else?


Ice Skating

How many laps around the rink can you do? How many people can you get to join you in an ice skating conga line?


Vintage fun

Love vintage? How about a vintage themed activity – vintage tea party with gorgeous china to sip from, vintage dinner for friends – a Great Gatsby experience or vintage films night dressed up as characters from Black and White films?


Jigsaws and Jumble sales

Reduce, reuse and recycle! Sell on your Jigsaws that you have completed, have a jigsaw-a-thon with friends or sell on your unwanted items and donate the proceeds.



If you enjoy a walk why not get together with friends and plan a route to walk together. If you all donate a small amount to take part it will add together to make a difference or ask people to sponsor you.



Love a good knit? Why not show off your knitting skills and take orders for knitted garments or organise a knitting-café.


X-Factor Competition

Celebrate your talent by putting on a show. Organise your own talent show and invite friends and family to take part too.


Laser tag

Get your work colleagues and friends together for a laser tag battle. If all those taking part donate an extra £1 it adds together for your charitable cause.


Yard Sale

Have you got lots of things in places and spaces where you could really do with the room? Then put your stuff in other people’s hands by having a yard sale and donating the profits you make.


Musical evening

Are you talented? Do you know someone who is? Why not put on your own show – if not maybe they can donate so you don’t?!


Zip line

Got a love for heights and adventure? Why not get together with friends and do a sponsored Zip-line challenge?