Warrick Matthews joined Tokamak Energy in January 2023. He leads the business and is building the commercial partnership strategy to scale Tokamak Energy, a world leader in two transformative technologies.

Based near Oxford, UK, the company has an unrivalled track record designing and operating spherical tokamaks; the optimal route to commercial fusion energy. Fusion is the process that powers the sun and stars and has the potential to transform society here on earth. In addition to fusion, Tokamak Energy is recognised as the leader in High Temperature Superconductor (HTS) magnet design, numerical modelling, and prototyping.

Warrick leads a team of over 250 people with experts from the UK and around the world. It combines world-leading scientific, engineering, industrial and commercial capabilities, with the goal of delivering clean, secure and affordable fusion energy in the 2030s.
His strategy positions Tokamak Energy as the IP-rich company in the heart of public/private fusion programmes, with powerful commercial partners to give global scale. Warrick is also developing fusion technologies into new markets.

Prior to Tokamak Energy, Warrick worked at Rolls-Royce for 24 years and most recently managed £3.6B of annual spend as Chief Procurement Officer for the Civil Aerospace division. He has extensive experience in managing supply chains and leading operational and customer business divisions.

Warrick is passionate about sustainability and clean energy, people, diversity and inclusion. He has been a Director of Sinfonia Viva Orchestra since 2015 and is married with two amazing daughters.

Education: BA in International Management and Business Administration – University of Reading/Université de Toulouse Le Mirail