Carl will be taking on the challenge from 14 September - 16 September 2019

Music has always been an escape for me, a time to forget the everyday and focus on the music and the place it takes you. It's easy to forget how important this can be, especially for those living in the hardest situations. I'm raising money to support the great work Sinfonia Viva do with young people in the community, allowing them to take a break from the everyday and gain some respite through music.

I'll be cycling the breadth of the country (west to east, 140mile and 4000m of climbing) in a weekend, dipping my wheel in the east coast Irish sea on the 14th September to raise money for the most vulnerable young children in the community. In order to make sure I'll be up for the challenge I'll be doing some sportives around Derby and the hills of the peak district.

All sponsorship would be greatly appreciated and will go directly to a truly great cause.

Carl Muldal