Exploring new horizons of classical and contemporary music.

This special evening at The Dukeries Academy will include a debut performance of a composition written and performed collectively by students from The Dukeries, Parkgate and Forest View Academies with musicians from Inspire and Sinfonia Viva.

Other highlights of the programme include:

Jupiter by Gustav Holst

Perpetuum Mobile by Penguin Café Orchestra

By Red by Josephine Stephenson


Tickets are free but limited, and booking in advance is essential.

For friends and families wanting to book tickets, please contact the relevant school teacher for your young person:

The Dukeries Academy: Jen Schrodel

Forest View Academy: Hannah Bee

Parkgate Academy: Lucy Towers

This project has been co-produced by Sinfonia Viva, Orchestras Live and Inspire Music.

Should you have any additional queries about the project please contact Sinfonia Viva's Creative Projects Producer, Hattie Coupe, on: [email protected]