We perform for you each year at the Hannells Darley Park Concert, as well as offering families award winning children's shows and a show stopping New Year's Eve extravaganza at The Royal Concert Hall in Nottingham. Help us continue to be your orchestra of the East Midlands. 

As a charity we make a difference in the lives of people most in need every day and as an orchestra we perform beautifully memorable concerts and shows in the East Midlands region. But without your support none of what we do would be possible. You can make a huge difference by donating whatever you can afford and help us to continue this work and to keep entertaining you for years to come.

We adore performing for you each year live on stage. After so many years we have made some of our most cherished memories performing for you and we’re sure you will have your own memories too. We would love to be able to continue sharing unforgettable moments with you and thank you for your support at this time.