This is an online pre-recorded performance. After the premiere on 26 March 2021, this event will be available to watch on catch up until 23 April 2021.

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18 days 15 hours 7 mins 25 secs


Monteverdi  Toccata

Victor Ewald  Quintet no.1

Raph Clarkson  Two Pieces from A Call from On High

Handel arr Lax  Allegro Maestoso from the Watermusic

Trad hymn arr. Bulla   Savior Like A Shepherd

William Rimmer  Punchinello


Led by Principal Trumpet Anthony Thompson, highlights include the instantly recognisable Water Music by Handel, which was written to be premiered on the River Thames for King George I in 1717. This confident and rousing piece of music instantly captures the audience’s imagination, evoking fond memories of hearing and enjoying this frequently utilised fanfare.  

William Rimmer’s Punchinello is a joyous piece of brass music, with the opening bars being some of the most famous in Rimmer’s catalogue and of all brass marches.

Monteverdi’s Toccata from Vespers opens with a flourish of brass, a musical salute that jolts you to attention and demands to be listened to, with its brilliant bright self-assured intensity.  

A perfect performance for those who love brass and a great introduction for those new to this music, the performance features a range of brass standards and newer pieces all programmed to showcase the breadth of brass repertoire and the talent of the Sinfonia Viva players.

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