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Sophie Rosa - Leader | Soloist

Chevalier de Saint-Georges - Symphony no. 1 in G

Mozart - Violin Concerto No. 4


Here’s a little gift from us. We wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported us, followed our progress, bought tickets, donated, or has simply been a supporter of the arts during the last year.

We’ve produced this free concert film just for you. Recorded at Wyastone Concert Hall in Monmouth in early June 2021, this passionate performance features one of Mozart’s most iconic pieces and Chevalier de Saint-Georges Symphony No. 1.

Completed in 1775, Mozart’s Violin Concerto No. 4, is a virtuosic piece of musical acrobatics led by Sinfonia Viva’s Leader Sophie Rosa. Journeying across four movements that encapsulate the broad range of Mozart’s genius, the violin indulges in a continuous flow of melody, displaying a lyrical quality that coasts on top of the orchestra’s wave of sound beautifully.

Behind Chevalier de Saint-Georges Symphony No. 1 is an extraordinary story of a composer born in Guadalupe Island in the West Indies.

A contemporary of Mozart's, Saint-Georges was a champion fencer, renowned violinist, and a famous composer and conductor. Symphony No. 1 glides through its three movements, showcasing the Saint-Georges use of dynamic melodies that much like Mozart, have a beautifully lyrical quality. This is matched only by the composer’s propulsive use of rhythm, heightening the drama and immersive quality of the music. A fantastically powerful finale to an extraordinary performance.  

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