Today was the inspiration day for the AlgoRhythms project – it was the first time we met the participating groups, and brought them together to feel part of a larger team.  Today 80 young people from Firs Primary, Becket Primary, The Bemrose School and Derby College all joined the project team at Rolls-Royce Leisure to explore all things coding and music.

Raph Clarkson and Jessie Grimes introduced the day and welcomed the groups to Rolls-Royce.  After an initial getting to know you session, four groups were created, involving different age students working together.  This is something we love to include in projects of this nature, as so often we see the participants gaining so much from working closely with young people of different ages – working together and supporting each other right from the start, and helping to break down the barriers between the different groups.

They worked together to make music, programme Edison robots, problem solve aeroplane flight paths and learn some of the songs written by Raph and Hazel.  At the end of the day, they all came together to share some of the most interesting things they had learned about coding and music.

BBC Radio Derby came and joined us for the afternoon and have promised to come and see us again at the end of the project to see the progress we make.

We are now all really looking forward to the workshops with each of the individual groups which begin next week!